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[S6E12] All Change ##VERIFIED##

As hours on Voyager pass, centuries pass on the planet and its humanoid inhabitants reach a level of technology similar to 20th-century Earth. As the crew discusses the unusually rapid technological progress of the species, a radio message is broadcast at Voyager. Tom Paris wants to reply but Tuvok points out that the species has not developed warp technology; a reply would be a violation of the Prime Directive. Janeway suggests a covert one-person mission to the planet. As he would not be affected by the change in the passage of time because he is a hologram, the Doctor volunteers for the mission, which, due to the time differential, lasts three years from the Doctor's perspective, even though he is only gone from the ship for minutes. Upon returning, he reports that Voyager, simply by its presence, has encouraged the society to advance as the humanoids attempt to contact the "sky-ship". While some strive to establish peaceful contact, others are developing increasingly powerful weaponry to shoot down Voyager and stop the earthquakes.

[S6E12] All Change

Doctor Hendrix reveals the truth to Lindsay when Lindsay desperately pleads to know how DNA proved it could've only been Logan that did it as ADA Novak is taking her statement of what happened. Knowing something has always been wrong, Lindsay's world collapses and seeing his experiment completely ruined, Dr. Blair threatens to have the medical review board revoke Dr. Hendrix's license. While packing up her office in Bellevue, Hendrix informs Stabler and Benson that Lindsay has made the decision to change back to his original genetic gender. When they get the call to return to the station, Logan reveals to Benson and Stabler that their therapist has been molesting them for years; showing them pornographic images and even forcing them to enact sex with each other.

Investigators confront the parents: "What happened? Is it that you just had to have a boy and a girl?" "It was a freak accident. They do it hundred times a day. It's supposed to be a routine procedure." "What?" "Circumcision... They used some sort of device to remove foreskin--it malfunctioned. Burned him severely. We spoke to all those experts, and they all said that he will never be normal... Imagine the abuse he'd take in locker rooms. Humiliation of explaining it to the girl he fell in love with. We couldn't put him through that." "Did you think that sex change operation would be easier for him?" "What else could we do? Dr. Blair convinced us that it was the only hope our child had for a normal life... He promised us that it would work. He promised us, as long as we are committed to raising him as a girl."

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia, Season 6, Episode 12The situation for the heroes in My Hero Academia has been looking pretty grim, with dozens of heroes injured or killed and very little firepower left as My Hero Academia's League of Villains closes in. That all changed with the arrival of the Number Three hero, Best Jeanist, however. 041b061a72


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