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Top Gear (UK) - Season 3

Season 32 of BBC Top Gear UK blasts on to television screens this evening in South Africa. Get ready to feel the high adrenalin action from your favourite armchair with five action packed episodes. We caught up with the boys, Freddie Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness, who are back for their sixth series at the wheel of Top Gear, all three now with their racing licenses. This season's highlights see the trio head to the United States of America on a motorsport mission to the home of grassroots racing: Florida.

Top Gear (UK) - Season 3

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For folks who subscribe to AMC+, the new season will be available on the streaming platform a week earlier, on Thursday, July 7, with additional episodes available to stream the same day they premiere on BBC America.

This five-part season sees Freddie, Chris, and Paddy coming to America on a motorsport mission, as well as going head-to-head in a heavy-duty challenge as they train to become truck drivers. It also features a TV cop car tribute, plus reviews of the Maserati MC20, Rivian R1T, and much more.

MotorTrend is going all-in on Top Gear, and by that we mean seriously all-in. Beginning in June, the U.S.-based automotive outlet will add 24 seasons of Top Gear UK to its subscription service, going all the way back through the Clarkson years and into the LeBlanc era. Seasons 25 and 26 will follow in 2020, but of particular interest to U.S. fans is a relaunched Top Gear America that MotorTrend will co-produce with BBC. The revived series will feature new hosts and new adventures and is slated to begin this fall.

Who could argue with three goals on the opening day of the season? Not Mourinho, who acclaimed a team who were, among other qualities, "defensively perfect". And not Frank Lampard, who scored Chelsea's second and looked more like himself without Michael Ballack alongside him. But if there was a complaint to be made then Andrei Shevchenko may have a case.

Barton did his England prospects no favours by provoking the fury of Terry with one lunge as City were gradually steam-rollered by the great blue machine. Not everything this season, you suspect, will be quite so simple for Chelsea.

Right after the 3:00 mark in the third quarter, normally when Simmons would be subbed out, the All-Star point guard shifted into top gear. After a dunk via a nice assist from Embiid, Simmons forced four Knicks turnovers:

Prior to training camp, before the adversity that an NBA season always brings, Brown said he planned on spacing Simmons in the corners instead of the dunker spot. If that actually occurred in the first 11 games that Simmons played this season, you could count the number on one hand. But after the 3, there he was a couple of times, looking comfortable staying outside the arc.

Central Connecticut State, which split with the Red Flash in the regular season, appeared to have the last bucket before the intermission when Blue Devil big Andre Snoddy got wide open under the hoop, but, after review, it was found his layup didn't leave his hand before the clock expired. 041b061a72


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