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Deus Ex Revision Cheats

Deus Ex Revision Cheats

Deus Ex Revision is a fan-made mod for the classic cyberpunk game Deus Ex, which enhances the graphics, gameplay, and music of the original game. It also adds new content, such as weapons, augmentations, and maps. If you want to spice up your experience with Deus Ex Revision, you can use some cheat codes to access hidden features and abilities. Here are some of the cheat codes you can use in Deus Ex Revision, and how to activate them.

Deus Ex Revision Cheats

How to Activate Cheats

There are two methods to activate cheats in Deus Ex Revision. The first method is to add -hax0r to the shortcut or command line of the icon for the game. The second method is to press T in the game and then delete 'say'. Then type Set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True. You can also edit the user.ini file in the deusex/system folder and add bCheatsEnabled True in the [DeusEx.DeusExGameInfo] section of the file to allow cheats to be activated forever. Once you have activated cheats, you can press T again and type any of the cheat codes listed below.

Cheat Codes




Toggles God Mode On/Off


Toggles Invisibility On/Off

behindview (1 or 0)

Toggles Third-Person View On/Off


Gives 10,000 Credits


Fills Your Energy


Fills Your Health


Refills Your Ammo


Gives All Weapons


Gives All Basic Augmentations


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