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Buy Apple Ipod Shuffle Headphones

If you want Apple's headphones that work with 3rd gen shuffle, it's the version before the current "EarPods" headphones, sold as replacement headphones for iPhone. It has a microphone that is not used with iPod shuffle, but the control buttons should work. Electronics stores that sell Apple products may still have stock.

buy apple ipod shuffle headphones

"Oh my gosh, this has totally revamped my swimming routine! I have no idea what I did before swimming without my shuffle. I love how lightweight it is so I don't feel like I'm swimming with a heavy device. I was recommended the Swimbuds Sport Headphones and I'm glad I chose those ones, they're really comfortable in my ears with the soft earbud tips. It's hard to find comfortable headphones for regular listening, but I love my headphones so much I use them even when I'm not in the water. 10/10 would recommend."

Apple's current headphones (EarPods) do not work with the 3rd gen shuffle. You'll need to find headphones with compatible remote control buttons, such as the previous Apple headphones. Or, you can use an "adapter" that has compatible remote control buttons, for example

Or, you know, anyone who owns an iPod touch or iPod nano using the new excellent in ear headphones from Apple (proper name: Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic) that came out months ago. ? They really do sound excellent, and the remote works in the new iPod shuffle.

Previous models of the shuffle had the full inline controls on the headphones, but this was due to the lack of controls on the actual device. They took some stick for that decision, and since reverting to the old shape they no longer do this, and as such I think they have also reverted to using standard headphones.

Apple today launched a new replacement program for users experiencing problems with the headphones that shipped with Apple's third-generation iPod shuffle that launched in March 2009 and was updated last September.

I have been using the waterproof ipod by Uwater for several weeks now. It looks feels and play like a normal iPod shuffle but it can go underwater. I use it for dry land listening as well. I originally bought the waterproof ipod on their website. It has changed my swim workouts completely. What used to be a drudgery is now really fun. I love being able to listen to my favorite playlist while doing my laps (heretofore only possible on my runs). I find I go faster, get more laps in, and enjoy it more.Also, they shipped it with a 3 sets of waterproof headphones - very convenient. I was able to use them immediately right out of the box. I read the reviews of some other similar products and it looked like they had lots of returns - some three and four times - I wanted to avoid that... these guys apparently have a bullet proof process - no problems. I love this thing.For the money, this little unit is worth it - happy swimming. 041b061a72


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