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[No Spoilers] Dragon Age Origins - Qunari Update File : dragonage

Revised graphics style of DA2 introduces number of changes to the appearance of the kossith (better known as the qunari).This modification attempts to emulate these changes, to provide slightly better visual continuity between both games.installation------------the .dazip file can be installed using program DAupdater.exe (which is located in "../bin_ship/" sub-folder of your Dragon Age installation folder)to uninstall------------- delete sub-folder "7704_qunari" located in "..Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/AddIns/"- delete file "7704_qunari_package.erf" located in folder "..Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/data/"notes and known issues:---------------Changes to equipment and appearance of some of the minor characters won't take place in existing game in which the player has already visited relevant areas. This concerns mostly mercenaries present in Leliana's sub-plot.The changes to head models are not compatible with the morph system used by DA. This means the sliders in the morph editor no longer have any effect, and all kossith characters have the same appearance. This behaviour appears to match DA2 approach, though.If there's another module installed which also modifies the qunari models, the game will only utilize one of them (generally the files placed in override folder will take priority) The most obvious source of such conflict are nude/underwear appearance mods and mods which change face of Sten.This module introduces few custom appearances for items. However, current support of such custom variations in DA is severely limited due to game engine bug. With more than a few custom models installed it's very likely to experience a conflict which causes one custom model replace another. Unfortunately if such situation happens the only easy way to resolve it is to only have one of such conflicting models installed.Low level of detail (lod 2) meshes aren't adjusted to match the changes to overall body shape. In some situations this may result in a gap between character's back and nape. However since lod 2 meshes are used for distant characters, the effect shouldn't be very noticeable in regular circumstances.Due to differences in shapes of individual gloves, boots and armour models slight gaps may appear on the model if character uses equipment of dirrerent types (mixing heavy and medium armour for example)technical notes:---------------A copy of "Qunari Paint" item can be alternatively created in the player's inventory by running following command on the dev console:runscript zz_givequnpaintthe variation IDs of new appearances are as follows:* painted qunari body -- clothing, 183* qunari mage robes -- clothing, 184* qunari mage mask -- medium helmet, 177

Dragon Age Origins Qunari Update

tmp7704 - qunari update meshes, tucked hair meshesashhawk - face and body textures, eye tintcommanderstrawberry - meshes, tints, vitaar designs---Some tints inspired by sapphim's Qunari Skintoneseudodo - thank you for a custom vitaar design!---Textures made using assets from (CC0).


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