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How to Convert Styles Between Keyboard Brands with EMC Styleworks XT

How to Convert Styles Between Keyboard Brands with EMC Styleworks XT

If you have ever wanted to use styles from different keyboard brands on your own instrument, you may have encountered some compatibility issues. Different keyboards have different formats, features and sounds for their styles, and not all of them can be easily transferred or converted. That's where EMC Styleworks XT comes in handy.

emc style works xt roland bk7m

EMC Styleworks XT is a software from EMC-MusicSoftware that can convert styles between various keyboard brands, such as Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Ketron, Wersi, Technics and Gem[^1^]. It can also create styles from MIDI files, edit existing styles, and customize the sounds and parameters of each style part. It is a powerful tool for style enthusiasts who want to expand their collection and creativity.

One of the keyboard brands that EMC Styleworks XT supports is Roland. Roland keyboards have a unique style format called BK7M, which is compatible with some of their arranger models, such as BK-3, BK-5 and BK-9[^2^]. BK7M styles are rich in sounds and variations, but they are not easy to use on other keyboards. EMC Styleworks XT can help you convert BK7M styles to other formats, such as Yamaha PSR or Korg PA.

To do this, you need to have the EMC Styleworks XT Universal version, which costs 349 Euro ($475) and can convert styles between any supported keyboard brand[^1^]. There are also dedicated versions for specific brands, which cost 199 Euro ($265), but they cannot convert BK7M styles[^1^]. You also need to have the original BK7M styles on your computer, either by copying them from your Roland keyboard or by downloading them from online sources.

Once you have the software and the styles ready, you can follow these steps to convert BK7M styles to other formats:

  • Open EMC Styleworks XT and select "Roland" as the source format and the desired keyboard brand as the target format.

  • Click on "File" and then "Open" to browse and select the BK7M style file you want to convert.

  • The software will load the style and display its parts and parameters on the screen. You can preview the style by clicking on "Play" and adjust its settings by clicking on "Edit".

  • When you are satisfied with the style, click on "File" and then "Save As" to save the converted style file in the target format. You can choose a different name and location for the file if you want.

  • Repeat the process for any other BK7M style file you want to convert.

After converting the BK7M styles, you can transfer them to your keyboard using a USB flash drive or a MIDI cable. You can then enjoy playing with new styles from different keyboard brands on your own instrument. EMC Styleworks XT can help you expand your musical horizons and have more fun with your keyboard.

If you want to learn more about EMC Styleworks XT and its features, you can visit the official website of EMC-MusicSoftware at There you can find more information about the software, download a free demo version, watch tutorial videos, and contact the support team if you have any questions or issues.

You can also join the PSR Tutorial Forum at, where you can find a community of keyboard players who share their experiences, tips and tricks, styles and songs. You can also ask for help or advice on how to use EMC Styleworks XT or any other keyboard-related topic.

EMC Styleworks XT is a great software for keyboard enthusiasts who want to explore different styles and sounds from various keyboard brands. It can help you convert, create, edit and customize styles for your own instrument. It can also help you improve your musical skills and creativity by playing with new styles and genres. With EMC Styleworks XT, you can make your keyboard sound like never before. e0e6b7cb5c


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