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Owen Diaz
Owen Diaz

Struckd - 3D Game Creator .exe Free Download

I saw this game and was looking for other ones like it, then I found this one. This game is super rare, very fresh and unique. I cant understand why it isnt a downloadable game. I'm gonna keep looking for other ones like it.

Struckd - 3D Game Creator .exe Free Download

Trying to download Struckd and the tutorial not working at all. Its saying that my account doesnt have permission to be able to download it. WTF!! I'm trying to install the game for use on my desktop. My desktop is set up with a custom image including wallpapers and icons and it's already set up to display games after an image is clicked so I know it can display files that arent hidden. The game also came with a README document that tells you how to use the program to install it (windows 7). Please help!! I just want to play a game!

Its not letting me download it at all. There's no pictures, all I see is this: I've tried downloading the entire directory (which is a torrent file) by right-clicking the link and choosing Save As but I get a message that says: "Torrents are not supported in this program" I've also tried downloading the entire torrent file itself, opening it and clicking resume at the top of the torrent window but then I get an error message about "incompatible file format" What should I do???

Hey, I'm trying to make Struckd work and it's saying "You need a valid account to download Struckd!" When I try and register, it won't let me register so I try and download from the link below the instructions on how to use the tutorial and it won't download...what should I do?


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