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UPDATED Download File Animation Mentor - Course 2 - Bod...

Aspiring animators can enroll in the BFA Computer Animation program, which is only offered on campus, or they may take number of animation courses online. All are credit eligible. Options include Motion Design: Animated GIFs, Motion Design: Title Transformation, Visual Storytelling for Film and Video Games, and Motion Design: Time and Technology.

Download File Animation Mentor - Course 2 - Bod...

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While Animation Mentor does not offer degree programs, it offers workshops and six core animation courses that allow students to dive right into animating. Students can customize a program based on their specific interests by taking several workshops or they can enroll in all six courses.

The six core animation courses, which lead to a Certificate of Completion in Character Animation, include Animation Basics, Body Mechanics, Advanced Body Mechanics, Introduction to Acting, and Advanced Acting. After completing the courses, students can take what they've learned and apply those concepts and techniques to a new animated shot in the Polishing and Portfolio course. Courses are 12 weeks each and students leave the Character Animation sequence with a demo reel full of their best animation.

Progress faster, gain industry insights, and build your competitive edge with the guidance of an industry mentor throughout your course. CG Spectrum mentors are carefully vetted industry professionals with years of experience working on major films and games at top studios.

After a lot of research, I found CG Spectrum. The curriculum is wonderful, and the school is very accommodating. The mentors actually go through the files of your assignments. This contributes tremendously towards understanding your mistakes and HOW you can correct them. The mentors are extremely helpful, encouraging, kind and most importantly, always available for help.

Welcome to the Hard-Surface Rigging in Blender course. This is the beginner's guide to mechanical rigging in Blender, presented by rigging and animation guru Jeannot Landry and co-produced by the Creative Shrimp team.

"If you want to know everything about rigging mechanical things in Blender such as cables, gears and hydraulics, this video course by rigging expert Jeannot Landry is chock-full of rigging wisdom. Divided into short, clear chapters it's all you need to get your robo model ready for animation!"

HighEnd3D is a fantastic online resource for freelance animators. It acts as a repository for free and paid-for files available for download. The files available include 3D Models, 3D Textures, Applications, Character Rigs, Scripts, and Plugins.

There are animation mentor masterclasses available for studios as well, for those freelancers looking to branch out and begin their studio. The masterclasses are taught by industry professionals from studios like Pixar and Dreamworks.

Started in 2005, Animation Mentor offers a learning experience where students partner with industry experts in a production environment to learn critical animation skills. Many of its over 5,000 alumni work in high-profile studios like Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, and DreamWorks. While its hefty price tag may be initially off-putting to some budget-conscious students, its benefits are well worth the short-term hit to your wallet. Students will leave with a foundational understanding of 3D animation and a demo reel that will wow future employers.

LinkedIn is more than just a social networking platform for professionals. It now offers a wide variety of professional-level online courses on a whole host of topics. Its Maya 2023 Essential Training module will teach you critical Maya skills, like rendering, modeling, how to add texture, and of course, animation. The seasoned instructor, George Maestri, begins with core animation basics like how to stage scenes and manipulate objects, then moves on to polygonal and NURBS (used for representing curves) modeling and mesh creation. Students will learn how to transform flat objects into three-dimensional figures by adding lighting, color, and reflectivity. As the final touch, George reveals how to use Maya tools to bring a static animation to life.

Skillshare is an online learning community featuring thousands of tutorial videos taught by experts from various creative disciplines. Its Simple Character Animation class teaches budding animators to breathe life into their 2D creations by acting as a primer on character animation. Led by BAFTA Award-winning director and animator Fraser Davidson, this course combines animation techniques with character creation, including how to shape layers and create masks. He digs into the design and rigging process in After Effects, key framing (including how to use key frame velocity to transform the frames into animation), building toward a basic walk cycle animation. Students will leave with the skills needed to create a simple animated gif that they can export for sharing. 041b061a72


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