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Public International Law Brownlie Pdf ((FREE)) Free

The titles included here will provide expert background information on the general sources and concepts of international law; however, they also represent the teachings of "highly qualified publicists" as provided for in Article 38 of the ICJ statute. For earlier works covering the period of 1911-1950, consult the Classics of International Law, many of which are also reprinted in the Hein Legal Classics Library.

Public International Law Brownlie Pdf Free


If you do not have a grounding in international law, Mark W. Janis's International Law (6th ed. 2012) and Wade Mansell and Karen Openshaw's International Law (2013) are good foundational treatises for you to consult before consulting the writings of "highly qualified publicists" as they assume a certain level of knowledge of the reader. Also, the freely accessible ASIL guide to Public International Law is highly recommended.

The Statute of the International Court of Justice is annexed to the Charter of the United Nations. The main object of the Statute is to organize the composition and the functioning of the Court; however, Article 38 of the Statute is customarily cited as the authority for defining the sources that constitute the body of law we call public international law.


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