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Silas Cruz
Silas Cruz

The Death Of Gary Kildall Remains A Mystery To This Date VERIFIED

I arrived in Pacific Grove almost two years ago for the purpose of graduate studies. However, the quiet and beautiful nature of this town made me consider the area as a station in my life. Moving from a mega city to an ultra tiny one; from a noisy city to a nobody-walks-on the street-after-seven city; from the life of a reporter, inhaling tear gas, dodging BB gun shots in a place where the death toll is probably the only index on the rise, to a city where the biggest struggle may be saving trees from being cut down. This change of atmosphere could inspire me to put journalism on hold and visit other forms of creative writing. Besides the tranquility of nature, my family has enjoyed an uplifting community. Here we come together as neighbors to celebrate life events. Anything from moving, enrolling in college, or a visit from a parent could be the reason for a neighborhood party. A couple of days ago a neighbor passed by with a basket of persimmons a regular pattern in our complex.

The Death of Gary Kildall Remains a Mystery to This Date



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