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Five Nights At Tubbyland [EXCLUSIVE]

There is a demo of the game, downloadable here, with significantly different designs of the tubbybots, different graphics and sounds, and only two nights of gameplay. It was re-released by Clicky on September 9, 2015.

Five Nights at Tubbyland

When Po appears in The Office, she will say one of five quotes: "Are you still there?", "Are you there?", "It's dark in here", "Where'd everyone go", and "Hello". She cannot pull down the Camera Monitor and does not appear when another tubbybot is already in the room, so she only appears when the player puts it down, making her a lesser threat.

Po sports a radically different appearance in this game with a less robotic style, more similar to a bodysuit and mask. Like usual, she has a red body, a pale face, large ears, a gray rectangle resembling a television on her belly, and a circle headpiece. She has five fingers, no toes, and has no separations between her limbs, as well as lacking any damage to her body, akin to the version of Po in the demo of the first game. Her face has a wide smile and two empty eye holes.

It's been 20 years since the shutdown of Tubbyland entertainment. You still want to find your brother who you lost at the beginning of it's creation. You believe that he's in an abandoned location known as the "Super Tubby Fun-dome"You have one chance to find him in five nights with a permit from athorities. If you can't find him by then, it's the end for you, and you will be commited of trespassing, vandalisim, and other crimes, and sentenced to life in prison. Hurry Parker, He's waiting for you.

Five Nights At Tubbyland is an FNaF fan game made based in the FNaF series. A different model is an impressive part of this program. Like another FNaF universe, the five horrible nights are continuing. Instead of the main characters are the highly advanced technology animatronics, at this time, the story focus on Teletubbies. 041b061a72


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